To the dreamers

Ever since I was a child I have loved creating. I would lock myself in my room for hours making something to gift to my family members. I remember one year for fathers day, I made my dad a boxing ring from an old wooden crate and some boxing figurines my Grandma used to recycle on birthday cakes. I often wonder what happened to the box of weird things that would appear on our cakes, anyway, I would create anything and everything I could. I was HUGE into lego, still am really, but I loved it like I really loved it. I also love to learn. I would set myself homework and ask my parents to grade it. I applied for University at 11 years old because my dream was to swim with Dolphins and become a marine biologist.

I had ideas, plans, dreams all from a very young age. Creativity and art always came first. I remember sitting in GCSE photography with a group of girls who took the class because they thought it would be easy and questioning their thinking. Not out loud, of course, they scared me. I would sit and think if you just apply yourself to it and work hard you might enjoy it but then that would seem logical to someone who actually enjoyed being at school.

I finally found my groove and photography came out on top. I worked tirelessly on projects from GCSE to sixth form and into university. My projects didn’t feel complete so I applied for a masters programme even though all my peers and fellow photographers were graduating that year, I missed that.

I travelled the world with a camera in my hand, documenting, recording my findings, and then I started to write. Social media was all go when I first left the UK but not for everyone so this blog launched in 2015. I wrote down everything so others could catch up on the adventures. I used my platform to educate and help others plan to travel and now I write weekly about anything and everything that passes through one ear and out to my keyboard.

I have always been a dreamer. My personality traits of meticulous planning and list writing might make me appear to have it all worked out but I dream daily. I dream about our adventures and let my mind wander back to the incredible moments we have had. I dream about what our future holds, how our house will look, what I will decorate my home office like, and what our little kids will look like one day. I dream about road trips and mountains and epic locations. I dream about our wedding day here in New Zealand and the UK and seeing all our friends and family in one place. I dream about Robbie building his dream van and driving to Cornwall to surf with his four-legged friend.
I dreamed for a long time about doing this for a living. Working from home or in a hip coffee shop looking out the window and watching the world go by. I dreamed about collaborations with companies, shooting for brands, and editing my photos all while pinching myself that this is my real job. I dream about the day this whole pandemic fucks off so we can get back to dreaming about things that matter and not an end date to emotional turmoil. I’m such a dreamer that the world still gives me all the inspiration to live out those dreams until they become reality, even as we ride the wave of this shit show.

My passion lies in writing and photography of course, but there is something so powerful about the written word. For a long time I felt like I couldn’t find my purpose in life, hence the insane amount of text about dreaming. I worried that I would coast through life waiting, hoping that one day one of my dreams would come true. Then one day I figured out what my true passion is, a real-life light bulb moment. I would tell you when that moment was but I think I will forever hold that one to myself. My passion then lead me straight to my purpose and I felt complete.

When you are chasing your dreams be prepared for the obstacles. These come in the form of people, financial, practical and so much more. The key to pursuing past this is learning from them, find solutions, middle ground, and move on. You are never too old or young to live your dreams. They are just dreams until you decide they are going to be something more. Imagine if I had never bought that plane ticket or camera. I would still be serving up ribs with a side of chicken wings right now.
Dream chasing is for those who dare to take that leap of faith into something they truly believe in. If you have something you are passionate about whatever it may be, please pursue it. You never know where it may lead you.

Don’t be afraid to pursue something you love with intensity
Take pride in your greatest strengths, you created them
Free yourself from negative thinking & people
Don’t waste your energy, channel it for good
Be fearless in your approach to your dreams

They are yours after all.


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Full-time​ adventure seeker, based in Queenstown NZ. Obsessed with everything outdoors. My blog is filled with all our adventures and weekly happenings, feel free to get in touch. I love meeting new people!

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