Southern Discoveries – Station 2 Station Cycle Trail

The day started just as every day should. Coffee.

It was early, we were about to get on a boat and I needed something to calm my travel sickness, who likes to make an appearance whenever on or near water. After checking in and intently listening to the directions of where to go when we depart the boat at Mt Nicholas we met the bike master who also happened to captain the boat.



Anxious about the fact I couldn’t remember the last time I had been on a bike I made sure a helmet was first on my list, then we were matched with bikes our size and sent off to wait on the dock. Map, passes and coffee vouchers in hand we wheeled our bikes onto The Spirit of Queenstown. The bikes are conveniently hooked to the back of the boat allowing you the freedom to roam around as you sail over to Mt Nic. The boat ride is an adventure in itself, pulling in to Bob’s cove is enough to blow your socks off. The water was so blue and clear, a real tropical paradise.




Continuing on to Mt Nicholas you are rewarded with the most epic views down toward Glenorchy with Mt Alfred sitting pretty in the distance.


We disembarked the boat, carefully listening to directions again from one of the ground crew. I have the best track record of getting lost so Robbie was put in charge of taking note. Helmet strapped on, safety first kids! We were off!



My bike riding skills showed their true colours when I failed at the first hill. I am literally talking about five minutes on land, I was already lagging. I had it in the wrong gear so my poor legs couldn’t even turn the pedal. Rookie mistake. I got off and pushed it up the hill chasing Robbie as he rode peacefully into the mountains. After sorting out my inability to choose the right gear we were on the straight and narrow. The lake on our left, incredible mountains hugging our right side and Walter Peak 12km away.



The ride itself is pretty easy, straight roads, beautiful views and only the local sheep and cows wondering what you are up to. I loved every second of being out on the bike. We had the weather gods on our side providing beautiful sunshine all day. The lake was so blue and calm it was hard not to stop at every corner to take more photographs.



We passed the biggest herd of sheep being moved paddocks, I was in my element and took the time to watch them move to their new home, with a friendly greeting from the farmer we hit the last stretch of road down to Walter Peak Station.



We maxed out the riding time of 1.5 hours through photo taking and opting for the slow pace. I really didn’t want this trip to end. We perched under a tree surrounded by the incredible flowers at Walter Peak and waited for our ride home.



The lady of the lake made her way slowly into the bay, tooting her horn letting us know she was here. We pushed our bikes onto the Earnslaw and took up residence next to the piano for the beautiful ride back into Queenstown.


We both agreed this was one of the best days out we’ve had since landing in Queenstown, exploring new places and having the bikes to be able to cover more ground. The weather was perfect, the views were to die for and right now I’m on my way to purchase my own bike to carry on the adventures.

Thank you to Southern Discoveries for getting us out on the Station 2 Station Cycle Trail, it was truly magical!


Right now if you are local to Queenstown you can grab some amazing local deals on this activity & the best thing about it… Southern Discoveries will be donating part of the proceeds to the local charity Happiness House. This will help over 40 families in need this Christmas in and around the Queenstown area. Book your next adventure! You won’t regret it!


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