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If you’ve made it this deep, then I guess you’re after the nitty gritty or you just wanna know a little bit about who is behind all the adventures…

My Mission

My mission is first and foremost to live a happy, adventurous, creative lifestyle. It’s in my bones to create – I just love it. If I know one thing for sure, theres a little creativity in all of us. Maybe this comes to you in the form of photography or writing or painting or even perfecting the way your breakfast looks before you tuck in. Maybe your creativity lies in your mid week work doodles as you plan your weekend escapades or you find it from creating new season looks in your wardrobe. Wherever it may lie, embrace it and grow…. you never ever know where it may take you. My main mission for this blog is to take you on my creative journey. You can follow this in the form of my words and photographs and I hope it inspires you to also soak up and explore the creativity instilled in you.

Born and bred in a place where the tea is strong & the accent stronger. From the city of rolling hills and friendly faces. You will ALWAYS need your big coat and you will need to establish a strong a love for the famous relish found at every table. I’m obsessed with everything outdoors. Climbing mountains and throwing my arms out at the summit is my thing and I am eternally grateful to have found a fun loving human to accompany me on all my adventures… and occasionally carry my pack!

Born in the land of William Shakespeare, think thatched roofs, canals and endless countryside. If there was ever a human to travel it was him. With a backpack firmly strapped to his body, not a hairbrush in sight and his love for an atlas means our trips are always immaculately on point. Leaving the UK over seven years ago he sure has a tale or two. Since meeting, we have created our own tales & now we are just two best friends, experiencing the world together, one step at a time.

Our Story

Imagine nipping over to Sydney to hang out with some of your gal pals, jumping on a boat to sail around Sydney harbour, meeting the love of your life, spending the whole night running away from everyone so you can download each other’s backstory in a short four hours and then ending the night not knowing what would happen next… Well thats how it all began.

Then girl heads home, realised England wasn’t where she belonged, packed her bags a mere four weeks later and jumped on a one way flight to Sydney. Working holiday visa in hand and a heart full of hope.

Boy buys a camper van in those weeks, renovates it and heads to Sydney airport to pick up a girl he had never even spoken to on the phone. New van keys and nerves in hand he stood waiting in arrivals.

Then just like that the most beautiful (I may be biased) story evolved. Filled with roadies, banana pancakes, finding our feet, moving countries, bursting backpacks, multiple travel trips and full hearts.

So yeah, fast forward four years later and thats us. Residing in Queenstown NZ, happily as residents & exploring all Mother Nature has to offer us.

& god damn, do we feel lucky!

If there is anything else you want to know about us, our story or any places we have been then please don’t hesitate to ask.
You can email me or contact me through Instagram & Facebook. I love meeting new people and spreading the knowledge about all the wonderful things I have had the privilege of seeing & doing.

Enjoy the adventure!

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Full-time​ adventure seeker, based in Queenstown NZ. Obsessed with everything outdoors. My blog is filled with all our adventures and weekly happenings, feel free to get in touch. I love meeting new people!