Who are we?

My life right now could not be more different from the life I left in Sheffield. Don’t get me wrong home will always be Yorkshire tea, Hendersons relish and everyone saying alreet but for the past few years I have been absent from the motherland and experiencing things I only ever dreamed of.

I’m Sophie, born in Sheffield, where the accents are strong, the tea is stronger and a place you will always need your big coat. The North of England provided me with a love for the countryside and a solid understanding of the word ‘Mardy’

Robbie was born and raised in Stratford Upon Avon (the land of William Shakespeare) If there was ever a human to travel it was him. With a backpack firmly strapped to his body, not a hairbrush in sight and his love for an atlas means our trips are always immaculately on point.

I boarded a plane with a one way ticket to Australia not having a clue where my life would take me. I met a boy, the most wonderful adventure buddy anyone could wish for and now we are just two best friends, experiencing the world together, one step at a time.