Why you should hire a campervan in New Zealand?

It’s no secret, I love a good adventure. I especially love an adventure to somewhere totally new. Northland has been a region on our list since we arrived in New Zealand and we have never made it north of Auckland during our time here SO, we decided to embark on a campervan road trip adventure with our friends at Apollo to the tip, top of New Zealand.

I love van life. What’s not to love? I love the adventure, having a home on wheels, always having access to a cup of tea and snacks in the fridge… the list goes on. So I thought I would put together a list of reasons why I think you should embark on your own campervan adventure here in New Zealand.

Do Something new, New Zealand

You have heard the catchy song, the campaign is running at full speed, and Pure New Zealand, our countries tourism board is doing everything in their power to get you out and about exploring everything you can in your own backyard and I am all for it. Getting on a plane knowing we were about to explore somewhere brand new was such an exciting feeling. We drove, we laughed, we camped, we made campground friends and all from the ease of our Apollo Euro Tourer.

Travel now – Grab a deal

Now is the time to explore New Zealand. With ZERO international tourists the tourism activities, experiences and travel are considerably cheaper than ever before. So, if you have been dreaming about visiting Mount Cook, Cape Reinga, or Fiordland National Park, now is the time to go. All you need is to pack your bags and turn up at the Apollo branch, they will have everything else you need for an epic New Zealand road trip.

It is easier than you think

Everything is provided for you, all you need is your bag of clothes, fuel, food, and a sense of adventure and you, my friend are ready to hit the road. Im talking pots, pans, gas, chairs, bedding, tables – everything is tucked away in your Apollo Campervan. Anyone can drive a campervan here in New Zealand providing you have a full driver’s license and New Zealand roads are a little different, no huge motorways or traffic jams, just epic views, and adventures await.

Road Trips are a fun, affordable way to travel

Taking the hassle out of finding hotels, restaurants, and everything else that comes with a ‘normal’ holiday. Grabbing a campervan and hitting the road is the best and most fun way to explore NZ. You have everything in one in your little home on wheels. New Zealand also has an awesome network of free campgrounds that you can pitch up at. The beauty of a self-contained van is that you don’t need to be on a powered site every night. The cooking switches to gas you have a shower and loo plus your water tank will give you enough water for a few days. The leisure battery kicks in when not connected to power meaning you can still charge up your devices. I highly recommend getting off the beaten track and exploring deeper into Aotearoa.

The North Island is a beach lovers dream

The north island of New Zealand is dramatically different from the south. With volcanoes, geothermal hot springs, historical forests, and white, sandy beaches that stretch for miles. If you love the ocean then driving around Northland will be a dream come true for you. Most beaches have either free campsites or big car parks meaning you can pull up, open the doors, and relax in the comfort of your campervan in any location, this is easily my favourite thing about van life.

You can check out my 6 favourite spots here.

Choose your view

To sleep, to watch the sun go down, or to make your lunch away from the prying eyes of those naughty seagulls on the beaches. New Zealand really is a picture-perfect wonderland, wherever you go and with so much to explore and experience you will be spoilt for choice with breathtaking views. Take your time, explore deeps, do something new, and hit the road with Apollo this summer… I promise you won’t regret it!

Thank you to the awesome team at Apollo for making our North Island New Zealand road trip dreams come to life. We cant wait to return and explore further. Check out our van & the other motorhomes available here in Aotearoa here.

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