Exploring Arugam Bay

I tried so hard to convince Robbie to hire a Tuk Tuk. We had found a rental place just down the road from our humble abode but the guy who owned it was most defiantly a crazy and we thought best to stick to a moped and explore the area.




I’m normally pretty good at doing my research but for some reason here I just didn’t,  quickly screenshotting some places on my phone and half heartedly looking at maps was my idea of research. We set off, heading South toward Panama… “ If you hit Panama, you’ve gone to far” he said. Well not only had we hit Panama, driven through Panama, got chased by local children and got lost in Panama, we had gone so far past Panama we thought we were in a differnt land. We hastily turned around as it was quiet obvious we weren’t to be in said town.




The hunt for Elephant rock was proving pretty difficult; we searched, followed Tuk Tuks and even asked a guy with a gun. Yep a security guy was guarding a road, we asked which was the best way to go, he gestured down the road he was guarding and said we could if we wanted to however it all felt a little strange so we politely declined and took refuge under a tree. Not because there was loads of monkeys there, well maybe that was the reason but also to figure out where we were going. Then a swarm of surfboard topped Tuk Tuk’s appeared and we followed. They whizzed so fast across the sand and muddy land quicker than we could so we lost them. As the beach got closer so did the sand, our little moped unfortunately wasn’t going to make it. Just as we were about to turn around I spotted the BIGGEST pile of Elephant poop ever, it was fresh, kind of still steaming if you would. We hopped so quickly back on the bike and straight for the road, away from a potential run in with whoever had deposited their load.
 Finding the nearest café with reliable wi-fi was also proving difficult so we ran back to our little hut and grabbed some screenshots for our next intended destination. This time on the road for much longer following winding roads through rice paddies before eventually coming to Whiskey point. We bought a juice in exchange for some moped parking and walked the beach. We were the only people there, it was so serene, we had found the a beach, a popular surf destination on the East coast and the only thing that joined us was the little sand crabs running for cover from our shadows. BLISS! Some surfers eventually did turn up & so did a fishing boat but we had soaked up all the serenity by then and I was ready to return to our hammock and an ice-cold shower.


We spent the next days relaxing, sleeping, catching the rays and trying not to cry in the heat, that’s right I cried because I was so hot, dramatic I know!
6am Tuk Tuk awakenings meant for a new destination! More palm trees and coconuts await!


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