Onsen Hot Pools


So it was our two year anniversary and seen as the lake was far too cold for a dip being the middle of Winter and we are a drive away from the beach we needed to think of a way to cure Robbie’s lust to be back in the water. Sorry to the local swimming pool but I just don’t think that you will be quite the right vibe for anniversary celebrations. I had heard about the Onsen hot pools loads from different people that have been and raved about them, one of our friends goes so regularly she gets a special price! So we booked, or at least tried to book for our actual anniversary but the place was full for two weeks so we grabbed the next available Sunday slot, perfect, we could Snowboard in the morning and relax our bones all evening up there.


We drove out to Arthur’s Point and walked the little track down to Onsen hot pools. There is some sort of instant zen that hits you as you walk through the door, the whole atmosphere, staff and location is so relaxing and beautiful. After a short wait we were escorted to our own private pool. I didn’t really know what to expect but as the door opened I was fully impressed. Robbie was ready to get in before the poor girl had even shut the door. You press the button on the wall and the roof rolls upwards rewarding you with the most epic view, snow-capped mountains, the Shotover River and nothing, no sound at all, it was heaven. The tub is spacious, deep and warm enough to loose yourself in for the hour. We were impressed with the roller door (that is see through) just in case it rains you wont miss out on the view. We ate some snacks, drank the provided beverages and reflected on a perfect Winter.


I thought you might be able to hear people in the pools adjoining but you really cant making it seem like you really are in your own private place.


After discovering the other buttons on the side of the pool, I was happy that you couldn’t hear what went on in the other pools, Robbie had located the cold water hose. What you just might need to cool off after nearly an hour in the hot pool. I pressed it once, both not knowing where the water was going to come from. Warning, it comes from above, a big old dump of cold water rained down on us, that was it, he was entertained for the next 15 mins. I can always count on Robbie to make sure we have the best time wherever we go. After soaking up the last of the relaxation and staring out over the serenity of Arthur’s Point, it was time to get showered and out. I wish we could of stayed longer but we didn’t want to risk walking back like wrinkled prunes. It was the perfect end to a perfect day up the hill & a lovely celebration on our two years of adventuring together.


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