A night with Lucy

If you want to know one thing about me then pizza is my ultimate thing. Pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner, snacks and all, that is of course if the above was socially acceptable. So when I found out about a new pizza eatery in town, there was no question in this gal’s mind where we would be heading at the weekend. Before I start on a post purely about my love for the heaven-sent cheesy goodness on a plate I want to tell you where you can find the good people who brought the slices into my life.


In Queenstown you will never be short of somewhere to eat or drink, it can be quiet overwhelming as you stroll the streets hoping to find a table somewhere in the middle of Winter. Let me introduce to you the finest looking lady in town… Miss Lucy. She stands tall (on top of the new Jucy snooze hostel in the center of town ) she has views to die for and fit out worthy enough to splash all over your Instagram feed. It is super important to know that you DON’T have to be a hostel guest to go and enjoy Miss Lucy’s beautiful hospitality. Follow the colored lines straight into that lift and hit the fourth-floor button.

What awaits is a beautiful space, its light, its bright, there’s a chill area, eating area and a balcony complete with a fire so you can warm your toes when you land back in town after a day up the mountain.

We went for a few runs up the hill in the morning and headed into town to engage in my second favorite activity… eating. When we arrived at Miss Lucy’s the chefs were already preparing two delicious fresh pizza’s for us and two coffees awaited. We grabbed these and headed to the lake to enjoy the last light of the day while chowing down on some cheesy, cheesy goodness.


Back at Miss Lucy’s, we sampled some other menu items. Garlic bread, extra pizzas, delicious salads, Brussel sprouts… I repeat Brussel sprouts! The brit in me was having a party and I tell you, those sprouts were most certainly invited! The term eyes bigger than your belly rang true and for the first time in my life, I was defeated by the amount of food I ordered. However, I did manage to taste everything in front of me and I gave it all the Sophie seel of approval.



We retreated to the fire pit we watched the groups of people come through the doors and enjoy the deliciousness we just had.  There was such a mix of people, groups of travelers, couples enjoying a double date and a ski touring group planning their week-long adventure here in Queenstown.

We kicked back in the corner and enjoyed some Garage Project beers and dessert. I literally thought I couldn’t fit anything else in me but I’m pretty sure from a young age I was told you have a separate space for desserts right? Right! The dessert pizza, yep that’s a thing and wood fire baked cookies went down an absolute treat.

The night up at Lucy’s came alive, you can see the chefs cooking your food, the staff have permanent smiles and the beer is cold. The mix of people was a refreshing change, as was the decoration, were talking neon lights, mirrors, and comfy seats. Als,o I found a sweet little spot that would be perfect for some daytime chilling, a space I can plug in and watch the world go by with the mountains in the distance.

I am as passionate about good places as I am good pizza and luckily for Queenstown, this place has both. After spending some time sitting at the bar and getting to know the staff they filled me in about some of the epic stuff they have going on this Winter.

Apres ski sessions 4pm – 7pm daily where they have food and drink combos for you and all your ski bum pals. Monday nights is quiz night where a $100 bar tab is up for grabs and don’t forget the breakfast… they have bottomless coffee for $4! Whaaaaat! I know where I will be hanging out for my breakfast meetings!

Miss Lucy’s is one of those hidden gems that when you find you will never forget, I will be back soon!


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