The Travel Project

My initial submission to the Travel Project was a piece detailing my travel experiences around the globe. Here is that post and the start of my journey as a Global Travel Ambassador with The Travel Project, Peterpans adventure travel & Backpackers world…



It is not until you really start exploring that you realise how big this world is. Eventually every traveller has that eureka moment, that moment of pure clarity. It’s in this moment I ask you to savour. Savour the feeling, the smells, and the view, the whatever it is that’s pulsing through your veins right now because you never know when that feeling will return. Unless you are like me who has self diagnosed herself with Terminal Wanderlust; a term Douglas Copland invented; “A state of being so disconnected to anywhere that everywhere is home, or might as well be” I reckon I am infected.

I was born in Sheffield and since the day of first breath I have longed to travel the world. Running before I could walk, stringing sentences together before speaking single words and adopting the doing it my own way strategy to life from a very early age.

Travel I believe is in my blood and has taken me on some wonderfully exciting adventures around this planet. My first backpacking trip was loosely planned, loosely supervised (by a very dear friend) and was the start of something beautiful.

Europe, a continent that is so diverse you can’t quite believe the countries neighbour each other. From hiking around Lake Bled to running through the streets of Paris trying to sample all the bakeries I had sure tasted a huge slice of travel pie.

Asia opened my eyes to a whole new world, maybe it was the moment on Koh San Road with my first plate of Asian street food or holding on for dear life in the back of a rogue Tuk Tuk. My fondest memories include hanging out of open train doors in Sri Lanka dodging pylons, rocks and health & safety as a whole. I have waited for the sun to rise over mountains with fellow hikers who had completed the 5000-step pilgrimage to Adams peak. It was in a moment of talking to Nathaniel, the interesting local on the train that switched my whole travel perspective, to how our lives are worlds apart yet in that moment we were untied in conversation. It was in Sapa where my heart melted for a child’s innocence who’s name I never got as we held hands and navigated the rice paddies together. Australia enticed me into the ocean, to experience the wave, try to master the art of surfing and appreciate the power of Nature.

New Zealand pushed me to new heights, quite literally. I reached the summit of mountains that greet you on postcards. I reconnected with nature and cemented my love for the great outdoors. It is here where I have found my hearts desires. Maybe it was the euphoric moment of reaching the summit of Roy’s peak that started this love affair or the constant need to explore this epically diverse country. I have strapped myself to a snowboard and thrown myself out of a plane. Travelled with friends on that big green bus and called a van home. New Zealand is the county that just keeps giving and we haven’t even scraped the surface yet.

Whatever it is I thank my lucky stars daily and my wandering feet that take me on these adventures. Travel changed my life. I hope it takes you on a journey too.

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Full-time​ adventure seeker, based in Queenstown NZ. Obsessed with everything outdoors. My blog is filled with all our adventures and weekly happenings, feel free to get in touch. I love meeting new people!

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