Print Shop

Thank you for supporting my journey as a creative.

Like many other creatives in the industry my work suddenly came to a halt during the past month and Covid-19 pandemic.

I am however hopeful and grateful that I get to work in an industry I love so dearly and I believe that one day soon we will be out creating again! In the meantime I have poured some much needed love into this site, my upcoming E-Book and now into a BRAND NEW print shop…

Here you will find a collection of images from New Zealand, Japan, Nepal and Everest. All orders are printed and shipped directly to you by the good folk at Darkroom and options for size, paper, canvas and framed goods are available.

You might not be in a position to support my work right now, but sharing this post, even viewing the gallery, liking my facebook and Instagram page and sharing with your friends can help more than you know.

Thank you for being part of my evolving journey and I hope one day my art can hang on your walls.

Click the link below to explore the gallery, more work will be added soon