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Now more than ever locals need to be supporting locals. When times get tough in our lives we turn to those who nurture us during that bad time, right? When you are feeling a little rough and you turn to your hairdresser for support, you chat over your milk being steamed in your local café and you extend your treatment a little for that extra level of comfort at the spa. The humans who are there for us now need us to be there for them as soon as we can be. So, when lockdown is over, here is a list of my absolute faves who deserve a visit from you.

*** I now continue with the original opening paragraph, pre country lockdown***

When moving to or visiting a new town it’s hard to know where to get your zen on. Something I didn’t practice until about a year ago. Working for yourself can be tough, it can be lonely and being your own boss means no one is telling you to check out. There’s no 5 pm finish time or real start time which to some sounds like heaven but can also mean that you work nonstop and forget about what’s important… you!

Your mental and physical wellbeing is so important to your everyday. You will not perform to the best of your ability if you’re not looking after yourself. So, I have created this little list for you. Here are my go-to, saving graces and those I turn to when ya girl needs a break.


Arrowtown Hair

It’s no secret how much I love the girls at Arrowtown hair and the sanctuary they have created tucked away in Arrowtown. As soon as you enter you will be at peace, the greenery, natural décor, and instant good vibes come at you like that blast of hot air when stepping off a plane. The girls are talented, friendly and do their absolute best to make you feel at home. I could also harp on all day about how they are doing their bit for our planet – you can read about it here. Arrowtown Hair gals have ditched your standard hair salon foils and opted for a more eco-friendly approach to colouring your hair. They jumped on board with the amazing ‘paper not foil’ group after hearing how terrible that aluminum foil is for our precious Earth. New Zealand salons alone use enough foil in one year to wrap around the earth once, WHAT! that’s crazy right? So now the girls are using this new epic alternative. The paper is recyclable, user-friendly (actually feels nicer than sitting with a full head of foils) and the best part, they are reusable, so after use, they are washed and hung out to dry ready for their next hair goddess to use. Here is a direct link to their website and booking details are below. P.S make sure you get a before and after shot to show your fans.


Salt Float Spa

Have you ever floated ina sensory deprivation tank? No? Well, get yourself booked in. Honestly I can’t recommend this enough, one hour, in a pod, no access to you or the outside world – bliss. I will set the scene… you enter the room and have a full shower to get rid of any nasties, you then step into the pod and close the lid (optional but advised for the full effect) Lay down, the salt will automatically push your body to the surface floating you instantly. You then push the button and the music starts for 5 minutes this then stops for 50 minutes and restarts to bring you back up towards the end of the hour. The pod also has sensory lights which again are optional. I like to keep them on for the music and then turn then off to fully relax. Floating frees all sensation of temperature, touch, sight, and sound allowing you to reach ultimate relaxation which helps reset the body’s hormones and metabolic balance. During a float your brain gradually shifts from it’s usual waking beta state to generate alpha, theta or delta waves, the state-of-mind That Buddhist monks try to reach through hours of meditation and years of training. Finish all of the above with a cup of herbal tea in the relaxation room, perfect!


House of Beauty Therapy

The new kids on the block (well kinda new) Laura and her team are out in the brand new Queenstown Central part of Frankton, head upstairs above Macpac and you will find the girls creating all kinds of beauty magic. I am about to confess, it took me 28 years to realise the importance of a facial, and now im about to be a wife and shit I thought I would get my act together before our wedding and treat my skin to some much needed TLC. I started a Medik8 facial plan with these gals and I won’t look back. Hydrating, exfoliating and rejuvenating in every session. The team offers massages, nails, brow work and so much more, in fact, all those beautiful things us gals need – they do it here! Pop online and view their full list of treatments and book a few hours away from the madness.


Fierce Grace Yoga

Ever done hot yogi? Nah me neither until I went once and thought I could get stuck into this. What is it? Yoga, duh, but in a freeking hot room surrounded by hot sweaty bodies. Sounds delightful right? Read on. It’s a combination of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power, Classical Hatha, Yin and Bikram yoga, sequenced in ways that adhere to ancient yogic principles as well as the latest cutting-edge fitness and physiotherapy. The studio is brand new and located out in Frankton in the new Queenstown Central area. Fierce Grace Queenstown is the perfect place to rejuvenate and get your ultimate zen on, be it a sweaty one.



The best café in Queenstown, I said it, I mean it. Im not taking it back. I remember when Yonder opened it was around the time I quit my job and started freelancing. Yonder quick became my haven, my coffee spot, and my work from home ‘office’ The team created freelance table/area and greeted me every day with warm smiles, delicious food, and extra hot chai lattes. It is also the home to some of my favourite friendships, birthed through our mutual love for freelancing. I held my first workshop here and I will always, always tell anyone who will listen to go here for all meals and coffee needs. So, coming to Queenstown for a visit or already live here and need a new hang out? Please, pay my good friends at Yonder a visit.

Be good, support local and help build our bustling town once more.


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  1. Well hot yoga I will find one and give it a go and I would absolutely love a sensory deprivation tank experience I pretend to be in one when I have my late night bath I fill the bath with bubbles candles lit classical music… but it just doesnt cut it when the rest of our family soph need the loo ☹


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