Quintessential Queenstown

Queenstown is magical.

The moment that white gold starts to fall the whole place changes. The winter fairy godmother has just been along; waved her magic wand infecting everyone with that kind, gentle winter spirit. Your photographs will look better and you will feel like you are walking around one of the postcards for sale in all the shops. You will never be short of something to do in this town. The Remarkables stole my heart the moment we flew over them to start our new life in this wonderful town. I strapped a snowboard to my feet for the first time and explored new heights. I had adrenaline pumping through my veins and I have been on the biggest high since that first day I had a carpet of white under my feet and a whole load of new terrain to experience. Snow capped peak after peak is easy on the eye as you pull your board and tired legs through pockets of fresh powder. Bluebird days are a plenty and the need to get higher is paramount. Take off your board and explore, climb to that look out and take in one of nature’s greatest creations. Beauty beyond compare lies in front of you and I wouldn’t be surprised if you give yourself a pinch to make sure you’re not dreaming.

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HW4 SophiePiearcey

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